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The Deeds Office re-opens today albeit with a vastly reduced number of staff members.

Yesterday morning the Registrar advised in writing that lodgements would only be accepted every Tuesday and Thursday with effect from 19th May 2020. Later in the day it would appear that he verbally advised local attorneys that lodgements would be allowed with effect from today, every day, until further notice.


We are thrilled to confirm that lodgements are indeed happening having received notification from our Pmb agent this morning that one of our lodgements has in fact taken place! 


The eThekwini Revenue (Rates) Clearance Department is also re-opening today with a 30% staff complement working on a rotational basis from 7am – 6pm.


With regards to Rates Assessments and Clearance certificates issued we are advised as follows:


Rates Assessments already issued

All rates assessments that expired between 27 March 2020 and 12 May 2020 will be extended to 31 May 2020. There will be no further extension or exceptions: after 31 May 2020 if no payment is received a new application for assessment will have to be made.


Revenue Clearance Certificates (RCC) already issued

All RCC’s expiring between 27 March & 31 May 2020 will be re-issued within 3 days of receipt of an application therefor by the conveyancer if there is a credit on the account.

If there is no credit on the account there will be a reassessment that takes into account payments already made, and within 3 days of receipt of the payment, the RCC will be issued. These re-assessments will be prioritised.


RCC’s paid for by 27 March 2020, but not yet issued

If there was no short calling on the original assessment submitted and if there is a credit on the account the RCC will be issued.

If there is no credit a revised assessment will be sent


We are furthermore advised that there is a backlog at the Revenue Clearance Department as a result of applications submitted during the lockdown period.

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