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E-mails going to Junk Folder

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We have been advised by some agents that they are not receiving our e-mails which we have sent out from our website to our mailing list.  On investigation it was found that these emails are going into the recipients Junk e-mail folders.


Please check the Junk email folder. If our email is sitting in the Junk mailbox then follow the steps below:


  • For Outlook 2007  -  right click on the e-mail the in Junk Email folder and select – Add Sender to Safe Senders List

  • For Outlook 2010/2013  -   right click on the e-mail and select Junk and then select Never Block Sender

To then view the email :


  • Right click on the e-mail in the Junk Email folder, select Junk and then select the  Not Junk option, this will move the email to your Inbox folder for viewing


If the e-mail is not in the Junk folder, please e-mail Diane Papiah at  with request that you be added to our mailing list, as you have either not been added or we have an incorrect e-mail for you.


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