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Deeds Office Strike Update

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Delegations from the Chief Registrar of Deeds, the Departments of Public Works and Land Reform and Rural Development have come to Pietermaritzburg today to meet with Union representatives to try and resolve the dispute.


They are currently locked in negotiations.


The workers’ main demands are apparently fourfold :  the lack of air conditioning; the state of the building;  the current merit/demerit system and the appointment of a permanent registrar in place of the current long acting appointment.


The Union representatives have indicated that if they receive reasonable undertakings on all the main issues from the powers that be, that they would probably be prepared to return to work on installation of the temporary air conditioning solution. Quotes have been received to address the interim solution apparently amounting to about R180 000. It may be necessary for role players to chip in to this cost. The indication is that the interim measures may take a week or so to install.


We will report as soon as we hear news of the outcome of the negotiations currently being conducted.

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