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Update on the Pietermaritzburg Deeds Office Strike

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As you may know, the Pietermaritzburg Deeds Office has been on strike this week and there have been no lodgments or registrations. The main complaint at the outset being the lack of air-conditioning.

We are advised that a solution to the air-conditioning problem has been found, in that new air-conditioning units will be installed starting form 01 June this year. There is however the problem of what to do until then. There is no hope of the Deeds Office starting work again next week.

We are advised that the Conveyancing Committee of the Kwazulu-Natal Law Society has outsourced some temporary air conditioning units at a cost of approximately R80 000,00 pm. It is proposed that all law firms carry this cost for at least the first month.

The outsourcing is however subject to the availability of the units, as there are currently none available, and the Union at the Deeds Office agreeing that should this measure be put in place, that they would go back to work, as they have now added more demands.

The Committee will be discussing this proposal with the Acting Registrar to see whether there is any point in obtaining these temporary air-conditioners.

We are going to be furnished with email addresses for the Chief Registrar so that we can address her on the impact that this crisis is having on the economy. Banks and estate agents will be approached to do likewise. As soon as we have these addresses we shall advise you.

The Committee is meeting again next week Wednesday to see if the outsourcing of air conditioners pending June, will allow for the system to get up and running again.

We will keep you advised of developments.


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