This department concentrates on civil litigation with an emphasis on commercial matters such as contractual claims, building disputes and financial recoveries. Our Litigation team comprises of Maria Davey and Venilla Govender. The Litigation team covers a broad range of legal disputes and represents a number of corporate and individual clients and has expertise in Rental Disputes and Commercial Litigation.

Commercial Litigation

  • Banking law
  • Rehabilitations and offers of compromise.
  • Sequestrations
  • Insolvency including liquidations
  • Financial recoveries repossessions and foreclosures.
  • General collections

Rental Disputes


Landlord's Hypothec
In terms of the law, the Landlord enjoys a special protection assisting in the collection of arrear rental from tenants. Any action taken in the collection of arrear rental is based upon this protection.
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Taking the Law into Your Own Hands
Some Landlords consider taking the law into their own hands, for example by either locking the tenant out of the property or cutting off the electricity or water supply to the property.
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Flow Chart of Legal Action
Flow chart of the procedure involved when taking legal action against a tenant.
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